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5 Ways Drinking Water Can Improve Your Oral Health

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Health authorities often advise you to drink around eight glasses of water per day (about 2 liters). This can be hugely beneficial to your health for a number of reasons—it helps to flush away waste and bacteria, keeps your skin healthy, and even reduces your chance of getting certain cancers! However, did you know that water can also be hugely beneficial to your oral health? Here are just five reasons you should strive to drink more water each day.

1. Water makes your teeth stronger.

Drinking fluoridated water is one of the best things you can do for your teeth. Fluoridated water fortifies your teeth by restoring the calcium and phosphorous levels in your dental enamel, making them stronger against decay. It is particularly important for children to drink fluoridated water from a young age. When fluoride consistently enters their bloodstream as their teeth begin to form, their adult teeth are less likely to suffer from cavities.

2. It keeps your mouth clean.

When you drink sugary beverages such as soda or juice, it can leave behind sugars on the surface of your teeth. These sugars feed the bacteria in plaque and cause them to release harmful acids on your dental enamel, leading to tooth decay. When you drink water, however, you wash away the food residue and cavity-causing bacteria that would otherwise harm your teeth. While brushing and flossing your teeth is still critical to maintaining your oral health, drinking water regularly is also important for keeping your teeth clean and free of cavities.

3. Drinking water helps you to fight dry mouth.

Fun fact: saliva is comprised of 99% water. That’s why not drinking enough can lead to a condition known as dry mouth, which occurs when your body does not produce enough saliva to keep your mouth properly moistened. Saliva is surprisingly important for maintaining your oral health. For starters, saliva helps you fight decay by remineralizing your teeth with calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. It also washes away the harmful bacteria that release acids on your dental enamel and wear down your teeth. Therefore, to protect your oral health, be sure to drink plenty of water!

4. It freshens your breath.

Food residue and bacteria in your mouth are the primary source of bad breath. So while brushing your teeth after meals can be particularly helpful in fighting halitosis, we know it may not always be possible when, for example, you’re eating at a restaurant. Luckily, drinking water helps to wash away these odor-causing particles and keep your breath smelling great.

5. Water keeps your smile looking beautiful!

If you want to keep your teeth looking white, drinking water is a great way to do so. There are a number of foods and beverages that can leave unpleasant stains on your teeth—including coffee, wine, tomato sauce, curry, and even citrus fruits. If you drink water between bites or sips, however, it can help to wash away the residue before it has a chance to leave stains on the surface of your teeth.

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